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Nissan celebrates big Aussie casting plant milestone

We might not be making complete cars in Australia anymore, but Australia still has a strong vehicle manufacturing industry.
Iveco, Volvo and Mack all build trucks in Australia, and Nissan has a thriving casting plant in Melbourne.
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That plant is this week celebrating 35 years of continuous operation – a major anniversary for a facility that fills an important link in the global Renault-Nissan manufacturing chain.
The plant employs 192 people and operates across three shifts per day, seven days a week.
What does it produce?
The Nissan casting plant in Melbourne churns out around 2.6 million die-cast aluminium parts each year. Over 16,000 tow bars are also produced annually.
The components are all shipped off to countries including Japan and the U.S.
“Nissan Casting Australia is defying the belief that automotive manufacturing doesn’t have a place in our country. If you want evidence of ‘Made in Australia’ you’ll find it here.” – Nissan Casting Australia managing director Peter Jones
And what of the future for the now 35-year-old plant? Nissan Australia say the future looks good with there being “plenty of work” for it in coming years.
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