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Kia Stinger goes to the shops in the U.S.

We might call them shopping centres, but in the U.S., they are very much shopping “malls” and now Kia is taking the Stinger to some of the busiest malls in the nation.
With the holiday shopping season in full swing, Kia Motors America has opened a number of “Stinger Salons” in malls from LA to New York
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The new performance sedan, a Behind the Wheel Car of the Year Finalist this year, the South Korean car company is looking to get potential U.S. buyers to take a closer look.
Saad Chehab is the vice president of marketing communications at Kia Motors America, he says the Stinger is a special car that deserves special promotion.
“Stinger is a dream car and as we usher in a new era for the Kia brand we are doing something different to show people just how far Kia has come with a true gran turismo,”
“Whether you are a diehard enthusiast or a curious onlooker who has heard the buzz about the Stinger and Kia’s industry-leading quality, our salons are designed to take visitors on a journey and explore what makes the Stinger such a unique and special offering.”
There’s no word of the “Stinger Salon” promotion coming to Australia, though we are certainly seeing more car brands making their way into shopping centres, Subaru in particular has led the charge.
How do you feel about people trying to sell you a car in a shopping centre? Annoying? Or a good chance to check out a car in a more relaxed setting (well, perhaps not at Christmas time).
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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