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Greens say Government needs to encourage Aussies into EVs

Criticism this afternoon for the Turnbull Government’s approach to transport emissions with the Greens saying more needs to be done to encourage people into cleaner vehicles.
The comments come following the release of the Department of the Environment and Energy’s climate review report today.
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The report (available here) confirms what we already know, a shift to electric drive vehicles in Australia remains at a snail’s pace with less than 1000 EV sales being registered each year.
It was also found that transport pollution increases of 17% are expected between now and 2030, and when we get to that year, just 15% of new cars sold are expected be electric-powered.
Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice says the government needs to do more to encourage Australian motorists into cleaner cars now.
“Australia is a global laggard when it comes to low-pollution transport.
“Forward-looking countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and India are aiming for 100% of new car sales being electric by 2030, while Turnbull is steering us in the other direction.
“And for all his selfies on trains, PM Turnbull has failed to invest in the clean, efficient public transport Australian cities and regions need if we are to cut pollution and unclog our roads.”
While the Greens are also calling on the government to invest more funds into programs and infrastructure to encourage greater use of rail, rather than roads, for freight movements.
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