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Canadian car buyers getting interested in EVs

The two vehicle types, generally speaking, are like chalk and cheese – electric vehicles and SUVs.
But, in Canada at least, they’re the two most sought-after vehicle types, according to a new study.
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DesRosiers Automotive Consultants has polled 4,500 drivers and found that SUVs remain the pick of the majority of car buyers.
In total, 24% said their favourite type of vehicle was an SUV.
But it was the rising support for electric vehicles (EVs) that was the biggest surprise.
The study finding that the (allegedly/potentially) more environmentally friendly cars are now the second most popular choice of Canadians with 18% saying an EV was their pick.
That percentage up from just 11.3% a year ago.
Respondents in Quebec and British Columbia had EVs at the top of their favourite car types, bucking the national trend towards SUVs.
Up to one on four drivers in those regions saying they would like to own an EV ahead of any other vehicle type.
Minivans were again the least popular vehicle, favoured by just 5.6% of respondents.
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