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Aussie motorists running the risk with no insurance

This is worrying news, and not just for the tens of thousands of Australian motorists getting around in uninsured cars.
For the rest of us, those who do the right thing and cover ourselves in the event of something going wrong, a crash with an uninsured car (where that driver is at fault) could leave us seriously out of pocket.
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How big is the problem? Well, if these numbers released today by car insurance company iSelect are any indication – it’s a huge issue.
Galaxy Research polled 1000 Australian car owners and estimates 727,000 people are driving around in uninsured cars.
iSelect spokesperson Laura Crowden telling us the findings are a big concern.
“You hope you never have to claim on it, but when the time comes it can be a financial lifesaver. After all, the implications of a simple parking-lot bingle with a Tesla can run into the thousands of dollars.”
Some of the other key findings included:

33% of car owners haven’t changed providers for at least 10 years
18% of 65+ drivers have been with the same insurer since day one
51% reported having not made a claim in the past 10 years
33% have never made a claim on their policy

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Let us know your thoughts on car insurance. Is it too expensive? Are you driving an uninsured car? Why? Which insurance company is best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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